Thursday, July 12, 2012

We Bought the Truck!

We made the purchase. We did the deed. We bought the sweetest vehicle we could find to start our Record Truck. 

Thanks to all those who helped us by contributing to our fundraiser. We could have never done it without you.

Also thanks for being patient about recieving your incentives. I send them out one at a time in between nap times and baby bottles. Living the Life :)

                                                       1975 beachcraft 


So now that we have got the vehicle. We get to start scheduling events.  Looks like our first event will be the Red Stag Block Party - Saturday, August 4th.  We are still waiting for the confirmation so its not 100% yet.  If you know of any sweet events that we would be right for ( and that are not too pricey) send us an email at 


Yes. Its true. The tape exchange has gotten neglected in the last few months. However... that will no longer be the case. The Mixed Tape Exchange lives on through the truck. You will still be able to exchange your mixes with us in our mobile shop. Also the blog will start to be updated again, so make sure you keep an eye on it.  If you haven't participated in it before, you should. Check out the link to see what its all about.


We are getting this thing ready to go! Getting it registered .. and all that other paperwork kind of stuff & getting creative. Putting in shelves.. adding some customization.. stocking it with sweet records... thats whats up.